Join the Big Lunch 2011

Slough Borough Council is encouraging residents to get together with neighbours and friends to take part in the national Big Lunch on Sunday, June 5, 2011.

Join the Big Lunch on June 5.Events will be taking place around the nation from simple tea parties in back gardens to large street gatherings for the whole neighbourhood.

Last year, nationally, the second ever Big Lunch saw the best part of one million people come together, hosting events with entertainment, games, food, music and bunting that quite literally stopped traffic.

This year, The Big Lunch is encouraging millions more to join forces and knock on the door of their neighbours, say hello and invite them for lunch. 

The Big Lunch is led by the Eden Project with the support of a family of partners, The Big Lottery Fund, MasterCard,Action 4 Chalvey App is available now. EDF Energy and the Department of Communities and Local Government who all want to break down barriers and build bridges within neighbourhoods through The Big Lunch 2011.

The council would like to know where the lunches are going to be held in Slough and what residents will be doing to help advertise and get more people to join in if there is a lunch in their area.

Noreen Mian, cohesion support officer for Slough Borough Council, said: “The Big Lunch is a fantastic opportunity for people to get together with neighbours, make new friends and create a sense of community within their neighbourhoods.

“We’d love to hear from those taking part and help promote the events so everyone can get the chance to join in.”

If you are thinking of joining in the Big Lunch, let the council know by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or calling 01753 875411.

More information can be found External link iconhere, which gives ideas of what people can do and how to organise a lunch.