Burglary crackdown is 'number one priority'

 THAMES Valley Police is planning to make a crackdown of burglaries its number one priority as crime levels in the town continue to drop.

In figures released by the Slough Local Police Area last week, the number of crimes reported dropped 1,910 (11.7%) from 16,393 to 14,483.

In the lowest figures since 2006, crime was reduced across all areas, apart from burglary, which saw a 12.2% increase, due mainly to increase thefts of hi-purity gold, commonly known as Asian gold, which has been targeted by "travelling thieves".

Superintendent Richard Humphrey, Commander of Slough Local Police Area, believes that the statistics would be 10% lower if were not for the Asian gold theft phenomenon and is making burglaries his number one priority in 2012.

"Burglary is my priority for next year," said Supt Humphrey.

"I need every single person helping me to do this, even if it's just reporting it and stopping it. I call for the assistance of the people of Slough and assure them my staff and I will work to bring it down.

"My staff and I have done a lot of visits and press releases of the importance of securing their premises."

Despite the rise in burglaries, Supt Humphrey was pleased with the reduction in crime in the last 12 months and pledged to continue to work hard.

"It's testament to a lot of hard work by the police station, by officers and people in the community."

The stand out figures included a 15.9% reduction in the number of thefts and robberies reported, dropping from 4,007 to 3,369 and violent crime fell by 17.8%, from 3,606 to 2,963.

Source: http://sloughobserver.co.uk/news/slough/articles/2012/04/24/58988-burglary-crackdown-is-number-one-priority/