Chalvey traffic


At next week's cabinet meeting, Tuesday May 31, options to change the road system in Chalvey will be heard as part of the regeneration project.

Historically, Chalvey has always been a rat-run for drivers needing to get to the M4 and other parts of Slough, which has caused congestion and concern from residents.
Option 1
The first is to close Chalvey Road West completely between Ledgers Road and Chalvey Supermarket, and create a new pedestrian area.
Option 2
To make Chalvey Road West one-way to all traffic except buses, and create a new dedicated pedestrian area.
Option 3
To make Ragstone Road and Ledgers Road one way northbound, with possible residents’ parking on one side.
You may have also read in Slough Express that Action 4 Chalvey Chair Mohammed Ahmed comment on some residents being against any such proposal.
Just to clarify the comment Action 4 Chalvey clearly stand's on representing the Residents in whatever decision they make. As for the comment in the paper this was edited and some parts of the conversation where not published. Action 4 Chalvey clearly stated that any proposal should be fully supported by Chalvey Residents who are affected by the Traffic problems. Further to this it was commented that recent consultation on the Traffic problems only had very limited representation from Residents and was dominated by Businesses. Action 4 Chalvey would like to see a balanced approach so that the Residencts are properly represented in any further consultation.
Mohammed Ahmed Chair for Action 4 Chalvey also raised concerns that the wider Traffic problems of Slough are not being taken into consideration and it would be naive toAction 4 Chalvey App is available now. suggest to residents that any proposal not considered with this in mind would solve the traffic problems. He also mentioned that other Borough’s where leading in dealing with Traffic problems, one of the examples given was that the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead are to introduce Park and Ride schemes, as well as improving the Windsor relief road. Slough Borough Council needs to be working with Slough estates in looking at proposals to introduce such schemes; the main problem in Chalvey and across Slough is people coming into and going out of Slough at Peak Times.