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Message from Slough police station,Monday 16 November.

The following has been sent on behalf of our volunteers co-ordinator here at the station:

We are currently looking for members of the community to join the Police Volunteer Support Team in Berkshire East; we have a few roles to choose from.

Please find below the existing urgent requests.


Community Engagement Volunteer (CEV's)

We are urgently in need of people who would like to support Crime Reduction (CR) and Neighbourhood Policing (NHP) and increasing community engagement by becoming a member of the community engagement volunteers. These are a group of valuable volunteers who are currently undertaking a number of outside activities which include:

The Empty Car Campaign - designed to reduce the number of theft from motor vehicles.

Bike Tagging - designed to reduce and track the number of stolen bicycles.

Leaflet Drops - Designed to highlight CR and promote local Neighbourhood meetings.


Neighbourhood Action Group (NAG) Volunteers

If you are a regular attendee at your local NAG and would like to support the Police you can become a Police volunteer and take the notes and actions listed from the NAG and distribute a typed copy to your local Neighbourhood Officer to send around to all attendees, this role doesn't require a great deal of your time as NAG's are only held once a month.


Front Counter Volunteer (FCV's)

We are currently looking for a number of people who are willing to contribute 2-4 hours a week/fortnight to their local community by opening their local smaller Police stations.

FCV's play an important part in Thames Valley Police by opening the doors of stations to members of the public that otherwise would not be open. They undertake full training and deal with a number of general enquiries as well as other Policing tasks like document production.

The current stations that need the support are as followed:






If you are interested in any of the roles above or would like to look at other volunteering opportunities with the Police please email Carla Gale at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or please call her on 01753 506 094 to have an application form sent to you today.