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Message from Slough police station,Wednesday 9 December.

Burglary crime is low at this time around the town but the big concern at this moment is the number of reported theft from vehicle incidents which is not restricted to any one particular area.The following is self explanatory advice which hopefullly will be of help to avoid you being a victim and we would appreciate you passing this same message on to friends and neighbours.

Don't leave items on display

If a car park attendant, street warden or police community support officer (PCSO) sees a vehicle in a public place with items on display, they may send a letter and advice leaflet to the vehicle's owner.
Always take your personal items with you when you leave your car. This stops car thieves from smashing your windows to steal items. If you can't take your personal items with you, lock them in the boot. Don't leave personal items in your glove box.
Never leave the following items anywhere in your car: removable radio fronts, portable satellite navigation systems ('Sat Navs') and its mounting cable, mobile phones, golf clubs, iPods, handbags, laptop computers and briefcases, cheque, credit and debit cards, items of clothing, driving documents and personal correspondence.
When you leave your car, leave your glove box open to show that there's nothing in there.
Look after your keys

Keep your car keys safe. Do not leave them inside your car or in the ignition. This prevents your vehicle from being stolen.
Don't leave your keys in a coat pocket. Changing rooms are often targeted by thieves who aim to steal car keys that are left in coat pockets.
Make sure that your keys are not visible to other people. If your keys are in your bag, zip it up securely.

How to park and store your car safely:

Always make sure that your car is totally locked - this includes all doors and windows, and the sun roof. This applies when your car is parked on your driveway, in your garage, or if you leave your car for just a few seconds.
Store your car in your garage - it is safer there. Remember to lock the garage and the car.
If you don't have a garage, try to park in a well-lit, open place.
If you park on the street, put your car aerial down and fold in the wing mirrors. This reduces the chances of criminal damage to your car.
When using a car park, park in one that is well-supervised - one with entry and exit points, good lighting and security. Avoid parking in dark spots.

With the run up to Christmas:

.Never leave presents on view in the car.
.Try not to return to your car to leave purchases in the boot before continuing with your shopping trip as thieves may well watch car parks for just such a chance.  Arrange to collect heavy items from stores when you have finished all your shopping.
.Make sure you lock your car when you leave it, even for a short time - it is very easy to forget when you have other things on your mind. Also ensure that all windows are closed and the steering lock is engaged.