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Message from Slough police station,Thursday 10 December:

Information has been received concerning incidents where an unknown male attended a household stating he was from the television licensing agency to check the television license.


Enquiries with television licensing confirms that:


Capita Business Services Ltd TV Licensing Business Centre is the agency contracted by the BBC for the administration and enforcement of the licence.  They have officers nationwide who are employed to visit selected addresses who do not have a licence.  These officers have no right of entry (without a search warrant) and always carry full identification on them and a telephone number the customer can contact should they have any suspicions.


Officers checking licenses will only call on householders who do not have a current television license and have not held one for a length of time.  Officers can call any time up to 2100hrs. 


Once a person reaches 75 years and becomes eligible for a free license very very occasionally an inspection call will be made to verify the age of the recipient.  In this instance all other methods of checking this information will have been exhausted and the householder will have received many letters informing them of this and the impending visit.   


Householders can check the validity and identity of doorstep callers from the television licensing agency by calling 0844 800 6747.  This is a call centre number which is open 0800-2100hrs.  When calling, the householders will need to know the officers name or their unique identification number which is four digits long.


Information has also been received concerning incidents where householders have received unsolicited telephone calls.  The callers tell the householders they are from the water company/television licensing/local authority or other 'official' organisation.  In all incidents the caller tells the householder they have been overcharged for services and they require a refund.  To do this, the householder is asked for their banking details. 


Do not give personal details including banking details to anyone either in the street, on the doorstep, over the telephone or on the internet as these details can be used to steal your identity

Consider registering with the Telephone Preference Service to stop unsolicited telephone calls.  This is a free service.  Further details can be obtained from or 020 7291 3320.  Registration can be made on line or by phone 0845 070 0707

Consider registering with the Mailing Preference Service as this supports the right to choose the mail you wish to receive.  Further details can be obtained from or 020 7291 3310.  Registration can be made on line or by phone 0845 703 4599.  this is a free service.

Consider only registering for the full register when renewing electoral registrations.  Electoral registers are updated every autumn and are lists of all the names and addresses of everyone who is eligible to vote.  The full register is used for elections, preventing and detecting crime and checking applications for loans or credit.  To ensure your name only appears on the full register you must opt out of appearing on the edited register.  To do this you should enter a ΓΌ in the 'edited register' box.  This will prevent personal information being made available for marketing and any other commercial activities.   Further information can be found on