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Message from Slough police station,Friday 11 December which includes 2 TVP press releases of local interest which have been sent out today:

Pair jailed for carjacking which left woman critically injured - Langley, Slough.

A man and a woman were jailed today (11/12) for a carjacking in Langley in which a woman was run over and left fighting for her life.

Kevin Richardson, aged 34, of no fixed abode, and Karen Napper, aged 37, of Martin Road, Slough (?), were sentenced at Reading Crown Court today, following a week-long trial in November.

Richardson pleaded guilty to aggravated vehicle taking, dangerous driving and causing grievous bodily harm (GBH), but denied GBH with intent. A jury found him guilty of GBH with intent. He was sentenced to an indeterminate sentence for public protection, with a minimum sentence of seven and a half years. Once he has served the minimum term, he will have to prove he is no longer a risk to the public before he can be released.

Napper pleaded guilty to one count of aggravated vehicle taking. Jurors were directed to find her not guilty of causing GBH with intent and a lesser charge of GBH. She was sentenced to 16 months imprisonment.

Today's sentencing relates to an incident which took place in Humber Way, Langley, on Tuesday 2 December 2008.

At about 7.50am, 46-year-old Caroline Johnson was outside her home scraping ice off the windscreen of her Champagne coloured Citroen Picasso, when Richardson and Napper got into the vehicle and drove off.

In the process Mrs Johnson, who had stood in front of the car in a bid to stop the pair, was run over and dragged a distance of about 20 metres, leaving her with critical injuries, including multiple broken bones, a fractured pelvis and internal injuries. Thankfully she did not suffer head injuries and survived the incident. However, she still requires the use of a wheelchair.

Det Insp Steve Armstead, who led the investigation into the incident, said: "Caroline Johnson is a very brave woman who was not willing to just stand by and watch two people steal her car. Sadly, due to the actions of Kevin Richardson, she was seriously injured and is still suffering the consequences today. We hope that today's sentences will in some way bring a sense of closure for Caroline, enabling her to continue re-building her life in the knowledge that those responsible for her injuries have been brought to justice."

Drink Drive road safety check - Slough.

Sixty motorists were stopped as part of a drink drive and multi-agency road safety check in Slough on Tuesday morning (8/12).

PC Bob Wade, Road Safety Constable from the Thames Valley Safer Roads Partnership, joined officers from the Roads Policing Department and Road Safety Officers from Slough Borough Council, to carry out the check on Stoke Road between 8.30am and 12pm. Also on hand were the Taxi Licensing Team and the Vehicle Operator Services Agency (VOSA).

The aim was to check for drivers committing offences that have an adverse effect on road safety, such as not wearing a seatbelt, using a mobile phone and to identify vehicles that appeared to be in need of an inspection to check their roadworthiness.

The operation was also screening drivers committing offences for alcohol; every driver stopped was breathalysed by an officer. None provided a positive breath test.

Twenty-eight people were issued with Fixed Penalty Notices (FPNs) of £60 for failing to wear a seatbelt. These individuals were offered the option of completing an online course. The course costs £25 and is paid online. If the driver is successful, the fixed penalty is cancelled.

Nine drivers were caught using their mobile phone and issued with a FPN of £60 and three penalty points on their licence. They were offered the chance to attend a Call Divert education course at a cost of £79.50, in place of the fine and points.

Two vehicles were seized by officers, one for the driver having an incorrect licence, the other for the driver having no insurance.

Drivers with no insurance received a £200 FPN and six points. In order to get the vehicle released, they must produce the correct documents to drive the vehicle and pay a £150 recovery bill plus any daily storage costs.

VOSA issued 10 prohibition notices for various defects on vehicles. An immediate prohibition notice requires a driver to rectify the fault before the vehicle can be driven any further. Some vehicles were given delayed notices allowing the driver to continue, on condition the defect is rectified within a certain time and a full MOT obtained before the prohibition on the vehicle is removed.

One of the prohibited vehicles was a taxi that had serious defects with the steering and two defective tyres.

One driver was fined £60 and received three points for a defective tyre.

Three drivers were reported for Vehicle Excise Licence offences (road tax).

PC Bob Wade said: "I am always concerned to see so many offences that involve road safety being committed. While I am pleased that alcohol was not an issue, I was particularly shocked at the dangerous state of a taxi with steering issues. These vehicles are used by the public and these faults are unacceptable.

"With regards to the alcohol screening, it is important to get the message across that drivers can be breath-tested at any time of the day. This is aimed at those that finish their night out at in the early hours of the morning and may still be over the drink drive limit."